The Chalk Walk

February 7th, 2010




The Chalk Walk by Katie Sokoler.

I thought it would be fun to add some color to my block. So I went outside and traced my footsteps with chalk down the sidewalk. As I was doing this, a grumpy old man came up to me and yelled at me to stop. I actually thought about stopping until a boy came up to me with a giant smile and said “make more” and I liked his advice better. So I tested out the finished footprints, ran up to my window to wait, and took pictures when people walked by so that it looks like they are leaving trails of colorful footprints! It was really cute to watch kids (and many adults who thought no one was watching) hop along the footsteps like they were playing hopscotch. (via Dennis)

I love neighborhood surprise projects like these and how they can delight someone who may have otherwise been having a grump day. Sort of reminds me the shadow drawings Ellis G.’s work which used to me make me so happy when I would walk home around the Cobble Hill neighborhood.


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