A Wireless Projector That Even Makes Me Swoon

April 30th, 2010

(This is a post I started the day I started having contractions and never finished writing until now :) ).

Alex has been trying to talk me into getting a wireless projector for years now, but as the more practical one in this family (at least when it comes to purchasing tech gadgets), I try to remind him that we don’t have an apartment that can accommodate a big screen projection. But when he sent me a link to the OO High Definition Wireless Project yesterday, even I had a moment of “WANT. THAT. NOW.”

It’s like the spaceship that E.T. came from! It’s sleek and beautiful and it would fit perfectly with the rest of of our apartment! Sadly though, it still doesn’t change the fact that we live in a small Brooklyn apartment without much room to project, but I am definitely bookmarking it for the future.



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