Organizing Recipes

April 30th, 2010

For years I have been tearing recipes out of magazines and throwing them in a folder that I rarely revisit, unless of course I am adding another recipe to the stack. It’s a mess and not organized in anyway that makes this system useful for me to find recipes at the appropriate time. Because of this, I end up referring mostly to recipes I find online and then bookmark them with Delicious.


My offline recipe collection needs some help, so I had recently been thinking of creating a nerdy binder of all these recipes, organized by course (trapper keeper alert!), but then the other day I came across this awesome Moleskin notebook for recipes. It’s part of their new line of Passions Notebooks. It seems like a great idea, with space to include a tear-sheet, a notes section for the cook to jot down for the next time they make a recipe, and tabs for organizing each recipe by course. I am definitely going to give this a try and see how it works, especially because it will hopefully keep me from making a DIY filing system of recipes.

For the wine lover, Moleskin also makes a wine journal to help you keep track of all the boozing you’ve been doing.


How do you best organize your recipes both online and off? I’d love to hear about everyone’s systems.

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