How Sweet is Technology?

May 28th, 2010

I literally cried in happiness when I watched this 8 month old deaf baby’s reaction to his cochlear implant being activated. It’s so, so awesome and makes me wish I had taken an assistive technology class when I was at ITP. (via reddit and Ted Roden).

If that’s Jonathan’s Mom in the video, I don’t know how on earth she kept such composure. I would be sobbing, but then again, I cry easily (as noted earlier :) ).

New Type York

May 18th, 2010

Screen shot 2010-05-18 at 7.35.43 PM.png

I am really liking James Patrick Gibson’s blog New Type York. It’s a daily photoblog of typographic artifacts found all around New York City. Living in NYC makes it easy to find wonderful typography all over this wonderful town. Gibson posts images of type found on signs, directions, architecture, etc.

My favorite part about this blog is that he doesn’t just leave the typography to speak for itself, he gives it some context. In some cases, it’s based on location or an establishment’s reputation, while other times it may have some fact related to it’s seasonal nature.

Here are a few recent entries:




Beautiful Prints and Paintings by Kristiana Pärn

May 12th, 2010

Alex and I were very particular about the artwork we picked out for Elise’s room. It’s not very baby like at all. In fact, it’s probably more our style than a child’s, but all the artwork has a subject that a kid would likely enjoy: animals, robots, letters, etc.

While walking around our neighborhood one day, we came across a store called Urban Alchemist. All the items in the store are designed by Brooklyn artists. One of my favorite finds at this design collective was this watercolor/illustration print by Kristiana Pärn. I love the watercolor on wood texture and the whimsical style of the marshmallow trees and sleepy bears.


We liked this one because it went with the style of Elise’s room and who doesn’t love Polar Bears? However, there were so many great prints to choose from, it was a hard choice. Here are a few of my favorites.





If you like Kristiana’s work, check it out at Urban Alchemist in Park Slope, Brooklyn or at the Grand Army Plaza Farmer’s Market on Saturdays where she has recently been setting up a table of her artwork (some even mounted on wood, which looks amazing) or online at Etsy.

Writing on the Walls

May 7th, 2010


After reading The Last Lecture by the late Randy Pausch (a great book if you haven’t read it yet), where Pausch writes about how his parents letting him paint on his bedroom walls made a great impact on how he approached ideas, Alex and I talked about allowing our (then future) children to draw on the walls of their bedrooms as they like. We liked the idea that it would inspire creativity and why not use your walls as your canvas–as long as it stays within their own rooms?

Join the Dots wallpaper allows kids to do exactly that without mucking up the walls, which some parents might not love. It’s interesting in that it has a grid of dots for kids to connect and create designs. While it’s not a blank canvas exactly, it does offer children the opportunity to create something with a little structure. This might be perfect for the budding interaction designer or architect (Hi, Elise!)!

However, I still think it might be easier to repaint a wall repeatedly to create a clean look than it would be to paste and later remove wallpaper.

DIY Eames Hang-It-All Tutorial

May 7th, 2010

As a big fan of the Eames Hang-It-All, I am so, so impressed with Danielle Thompson’s DIY Tutorial to make your own (via Ohdeedoh). It’s fantastic and it doesn’t cost $179, as it does everywhere else.

The original

The DIY version

I tend to shy away from DIY projects that include a drill and spray paint, but I am tempted by this project. If I give it a shot, I’ll definitely post the results here.