Proof it doesn’t need more cowbell

December 29th, 2010

Pull up these package redesigns from Antrepo for a client the next time they ask for a bigger logo or more “oomph” and ask which designs they think will stand out on a shelf in a sea of competing products?





Via Fubiz

How to mix + match with UX

September 30th, 2010

I just got an email from Anthropologie titled “Have you met your mix-and-match?” advertising their bedding line. I’m a fan of their bright and whimsical bedding, so I clicked through and found they’ve put together a super simple, but wonderfully effective interface that lets the user mix-and-match sheets with bedspread options. It’s a nice reminder that the best interface solutions aren’t always the most technically difficult and that simple is sometimes all you need when creating a convincing experience.

Screen shot 2010-09-30 at 9.55.18 PM.png

My Favorite Commercials from the 2010 Olympics

March 2nd, 2010

I love the Olympics, I’m just a sap like that. I love hearing all the national anthems. I love seeing the athletes cry on the podiums. I love watching sudden death games. And I love the commercials. Here are a few of my favorites from the 2010 Winter games:

P&G’s to their Moms, they’ll always be kids. After watching this video, I suddenly realized why my Mom still makes me call her when I get home after a long drive.

Nike: I’m a sucker for any Nike commercial. Always have been. But this one is awesomely shot and the music “Ali in the Jungle” by The Hours is perfect for the concept.

AT+T’s snowboarding in space to “Perfect Day”. So soothing